Stormy weather forecast, got a heavy rain
May never get the chance to talk again
Words hurt but should I let you know?
Need some hours on the bed all alone
Would you mind all the stuff I own?

I hate, yeah, I hate to ignore your calls
I also hate, also hate that I get you hurt
Would you turn right around and come back?
Got some chemicals to keep me on track
Could you send me a sweater? I got to ride

I usually stop by this dark blue world
So will you stick around while I get to go?
You make me wanna try to be around you, this I know
But I don't know if you would want this
I'm not sure if you would want this

It's a scary roadtrip, I know
But would you stick around till I get back home?
Not so certain if you'd stay or go
Still hope you'd stick around till I get back home
Or would you let me go?

About Raldie Young

In the spirit of experimentation, Raldie Young alters familiar elements of R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul, Afropop and electronica to create unconventional musical experiences.