IN the current situation of the world.

I believe there need to be a wider understanding of what black Matter is.

Black Lives Matter.

it is a fight against racism.

it is a fight against oppression.

it is a fight against systematic destructions of Black lives.

And with this project, I will be focusing on the wider impact of unseen killers.

with this project, I used Mental health illnesses and the need for escapism creating a result in alcohol addiction.


About Olasunkanmi Ibraheem Olayanju

My name is Olasunkanmi Ibraheem Olayanju. I am a 24-Year-Old Nigerian-born London based Art-Photographer. I was born in Lagos state Nigeria. I moved to England to stay with my dad as with the rest of my family at the age of 13, leaving behind the well-shielded life that protected me from the violence of the world. I came to a world where teenage violence was rife and I couldn’t tell the difference between my friends and people that could lead to my death I came to England with a traditionally African, but well-spoken English and perceived understanding of culture and order. Feeling isolated in school and with no one to talk to this led to me taking an interest in sociology and psychology as my source of solace to explore the theories about labelling and “the idea of BLACK one of us” as well as  “the idea of BLACK not with us”. I questioned the idea of why black people of the different social spectrums look down on others and the intra-racial hate of Africans and the active use of the term “Fresh of the Boat”. After studying such theories, I didn’t have a source of outward communication as I had no one person to converse my ideas with I turned to photography at the age of 17, as a way to find my voice. I grew up in south-east London in Bermondsey, all that was around me was violence and a need to always be watchful. Living my experiences and ideas through the creation of characters and personas using their identities and statement tones to express the placement of social concepts and their flaws.