About Moses Ipadeola

Moses Ipadeola was born in Agege, Lagos State in the early 1990s. He studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan and also has a Masters Degree from the University of Lagos, where he studied Directing. MO’ is a curious filmmaker whose interest spans across many areas of life. In 2018, he formulated the TradoFiction genre of film which birthed his first short film, Ifa Therapy. He started out his filmmaking career in 2015 when he directed the very first season of Awon Aladun De, a Yoruba sitcom. He also directed about 15 Episodes on Sisi Clara which featured Doris Simeon.

Moses’ filmmaking philosophy includes cultural renaissance, the search for the place of Man in the society, the journey of Man (Psychological, sociological and religious) in the world.