I’m okay.
I don’t think I would ever be able to give another answer.
Oh, but I have tried.
I have tried so hard to tell you how I feel but you’re never really listening
My soul feels trapped in this body, seeking some form of escape and finding none
Or maybe temporary escapes that disappear as the fire on the blunt dies down
How my mind is like a bus station with so much commotion and it could never settle
I’m okay.
What I always say when I can’t exactly put into words how I feel, without seeming like I am oversharing
Every day I wish you are a little bit nosier and ask more questions
My soul has been bandaged too many times and my heart craves a safe space, where my demons can come out to play in the light and I’m not worried about trying to keep up appearances.
If I bare my soul naked before you and unveil layers upon layers to which it holds, would you keep your distance?
Or would spread your arms and pull me into the warmest hug and tell me I’m not crazy?
Or are you “okay” too?

About Joanne Ojeifo

My name is Joanne Ojeifo and I am a graduate of Industrial Chemistry from Covenant University. I am a fashion model and a writer (content, copy and poetry). As a model, I’ve worked with brands like GTB Fashion Weekend, Mazelle Studio, Raven by Rogue, Cottonloops and Nola Black. I worked as a lifestyle writer for Aura Magazine, which is a Fashion and lifestyle magazine. Currently interning as a Copywriter/Traffic Manager with  Playhouse Communications and when I’m not doing that, I’m doing some freelance writing on my writing page @fingersleadandink.