Our mental health is our wellbeing as related to how well we can function satisfactorily as individuals both emotionally and psychologically. 

 It is a person’s condition as regards their psychological and emotional well-being. However, our inner workings as humans and state of mind sometimes seem to erupt beyond control and engulf us leaving our mental health tampered. 

I have created a visual narrative summarizing/ denoting the workings of our inner mind, the possibilities of those mechanics to interact with or shift our emotional state and psychology, and subliminal hint( as represented by the “intervening hand”) stressing the importance of keeping our mental health under check. 

It can also be interpreted from another standpoint which is to say that #ItsOkNotToBeOk.  Sometimes we let the state of our mental health degenerate so much while unchecked. Yes, sometimes that happens and going by what this campaign is all about( as we are creating awareness about the importance of knowing about your mental health), it is Ok Not to Be Ok, but very important that you get help (intervening hand*). There’s nothing awkward about getting help as regards your mental wellness.


About Ilupeju Sherif

My Name is Ilupeju Sheriff; the Creative Director and owner of the photography brand Shiffi|Shutterz. I am a photographer based in Lagos Nigeria with the bulk of my work primarily featuring conceptual art, Portraits, Fashion and editorials with a strong adaptation of my African heritage in my visual narratives. Some of the core values of my brand amongst others are diligence and excellence which is constantly fuelled by a drive to offer my best at every opportunity I am presented with. I am a father of two beautiful kids and a husband to a great wife.