Chaos and Harmony | Anxiety – The Inbetween.

The picture illustrates what anxiety attacks feels like. People think anxiety attacks are just madning and annoying but then sometimes you might look so calm but on the inside, you are scared to death, you can’t feel your pulse, you are just stuck there.

You may look like you are in a peaceful state of mind but on the inside there is a ticking time bomb of anxiety boiling up. Everyone’s anxiety has triggers. It is only fair to know our partners, our friends’ triggers. As a society we should exhibit helpful behaviours and not trigger the anxiety of others. Respect their personal spaces, respect their emotions.

Wether we see someone smilling all the time or frowning all the time, it isn’t an indication that something is wrong with this person. You have to talk and communicate and through our expressions we let others in, into what is going on in our minds.


About Faith Adewale

Faith Adewale is a 19-year-old Nigerian artist and med student based in Tbilisi, Georgia, USA.

His work explores art and tech as storytelling platforms that create experiences for the observer. From acrylic painting, poetry, fashion design and augmented/virtual reality, he has a keen interest in bringing people together through his work.

Essentially helping them realise that at the very core humans are very much the same.