Project Get Naked is an LPM Foundation Initiative created to promote mental health wellness and awareness among young adults/youth (millennials, ages 16 to 35) in Nigeria.

Provide support for mental illness survivors and people seeking help, especially low-cost therapy sessions, treatment and free consults.

Provide a safe space for young Nigerians to be their true selves, without masks, baring their minds and worries, as well as improving themselves through mental wellness exercises and mindfulness.

Encourage people to seek help and provide referrals.

Some of the main goals of the initiative are to:

Sensitize the Nigerian community through general/basic mental health education and awareness of mental illness surrounding their everyday lives.


Project Get Naked started in London in 2011 and officially launched in Nigeria the following year as a Get Naked Campaign with Protect Yourself, an initiative promoting sexual health and HIV/AIDS awareness among young adults. The creator of the project, multimedia personality, and PR specialist, SheiFunmi Nomia-Yusuf was diagnosed a few years ago with Bipolar Disorder II and Depression, when he experienced a crisis that led to him speaking up about living with mental health challenges.

After disclosing this personal journey, SheiFunmi had to live his mental health journey in the public eye and was ashamed to be associated with the illnesses due to the stigma surrounding mental health in Nigeria.

Over a long period of time, going through vigorous alternative treatments like medication, talk therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and mindfulness, along with the support of family, close friends, colleagues and mental health professionals, SheiFunmi was able to take control of his mental health, manage his daily activities and function effectively in his career and opportunities.

With the statistics of people living with mental health challenges arising every day, suicide rates going up, and lack of proper medical/public health infrastructure to provide mental health support, the Project Get Naked team has dedicated their time and energy to put together creative and strategic initiatives that will provide support for people living with mental illness and educate society as a whole about mental health.


Project Get Naked will use strategic outreach programs and creative activities to cultivate safe spaces to share journey stories, get support, provide empowerment, reduce anxiety and stress and provide companionship. The initiative will also use new and traditional media to produce creative and artistic mental health awareness campaigns.

Project Get Naked endeavors to accomplish the following goals in 2016-2020:

  1. Creation of monthly safe space; closed peer support group sessions and activities.
  2. Access to self-advocacy tools and resources for individuals seeking mental health treatment in Nigeria.
  3. Giving insight to loved ones into the unique lived experiences of people grappling with mental health challenges.
  4. Providing access to affordable, diverse mental health treatments and management therapies.