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A young generation working to restore faith in humanity, starting with Mental Health Advocacy & Eradication of Stigma.

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Do you know Mental Health is as important as physical health? Mental Wellness is not only physical health, it is a happy life.

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LOVE, PEACE, and MENTAL HEALTH Foundation (LPM) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting mental health wellness and awareness among youths in Nigeria between ages 18 to 40.

We cater to persons affected by mental illness by providing mental health care and services. Our organization uses creative/alternative forms to change the perception of mental health in Nigeria while helping survivors discover, regain and utilize their voice. Making them realize we can all live up to our fullest potential in spite of our mental health difficulties or challenges.

We use creative forms to change the perception of mental health in Nigeria

Through various forms of advocacy, LPM educates the community and families of MH survivors on general and basic knowledge about the importance of mental wellness and the different types of mental health challenges/disorders that can affect one’s day-to-day life.


LPM envisions a Nigeria that makes the youths and psychological well-being of citizens a high priority.

A Nigeria that has confidence in her youth and supports them towards their future.

A Nigeria that has compassion towards mental illnesses and provides support for people seeking help or treatment as well as affordable mental health care.


LPM’s mission can be simply put in this phrase – ‘A Sound Mental Health Is Physical Wellness’. Our brain/mind is the control tower to our body and being as a whole. If we can go to a physician for our physical wellness needs, why can’t we seek on for the engine that runs our basic cognitive functions and memory.

Mental Wellness is Physical Wellness!

LPM was affirmed by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to create awareness of Mental Wellness as a high priority, just as important as Physical Wellness. To provide humanitarian, social and economic support to members of the mental health community and public, as well as enlightening the overall public in the knowledge of mental health.LPM donors and partners add to our endeavors to provide and seek moral and financial support for people seeking treatment for mental illness, referrals/access to affordable mental health care and edifying people in general on the essential tools and skills to help lessen the challenges to maintaining emotional wellbeing such as depression, anxiety and stress.

LOVE, PEACE and MENTAL HEALTH – LPM (Registered. 101199)